Estate Planning & Wills

Leave more to your loved ones with appropriate will and estate planning

Will and estate planning is multifaceted, concerning both the emotions involved in the loss of a loved one and the most cold-blooded tax regulations. This is why a good analysis of your financial position and well-informed tax and estate planning can be crucial factors to ensure the peace of mind and financial security of your close relations.

Prevent family conflicts after your death

  • Optimize the tax structure of your holdings
  • Minimize the tax payable to leave more to your loved ones
  • Ensure the compliance of your estate to facilitate its liquidation

Entrust professionals with the planning and tax management of your estate’s consultants have special expertise in everything related to will and estate planning.

Their analysis of the overall situation of each business or individual client allows them to provide the soundest advice and ensure compliance of tax planning, preparation of legal documents and post-mortem follow-up of your estate.


  • Analysis of financial position and death taxes
  • Support in drafting or revising the will
  • Assistance for the establishment of testamentary trusts or trusts inter vivos



  • Post-mortem tax compliance
  • Filing of income tax returns
  • Estate freeze

Key questions of will and estate planning

Have you revised your will following family changes or unexpected gains?
Have you provided for death taxes?
Have you considered ensuring the sustainability of your business?
Have you thought of replacements or considered a succession?
As liquidator/executor, have you fulfilled the regulatory requirements?

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