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Sale of Canadian Properties for Non-Residents

Selling Canadian Property? Not certain which forms need filing? or which agency must be informed and when? or if withholding taxes apply? We ease your concerns and help with filing the appropriate forms and documents on time.

Rental-Income Tax Filings & Management

We assist non-residents collect rental income on Canadian properties- from planning, to withholding to remitting income taxes, we’re here to help and simplify.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Whether you’re arriving or departing from Canada, or would just like to invest in Canada, we can provide the right solution for you.


 Centralize all important data, from Lawyers, Notaries and any other party

 Obtain a Non-Resident Tax account number

 Compute the Gain (Loss) on Disposition of the property

 Compute and deduct the applicable portion of the Gain (Loss) on disposition, thus reducing the income taxes payable

 Complete, send and obtain Certificate of compliance concerning Disposition of property

 Deal with complex situations such as commercial properties, vacant land, tax amortization previously claimed, principal residence exemption, to name just a few

 In the calendar year following the fiscal year of disposition, we follow up with:

 Compute the Gain (Loss) on Disposition of property for income tax filing

 Preparation of income tax returns (Federal & Provincial)

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