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Avoid unexpected tax on real estate purchases

Buying from a non-resident requires careful planning By: Jamie Golombek | October 15, 2018 | 17:14 Non-resident clients have different tax considerations than their Canadian-resident counterparts. For instance, clients who are non-residents may be subject to withholding tax on Canadian dividends received in their non-registered portfolios. Similarly, if they have an RRSP or RRIF, non-resident withholding tax…

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Forced to pay $ 51,000 on behalf of another taxpayer

Published April 24, 2013 at 7:08 | Updated on 08 May 2013 8:49 in La Presse Stephanie Grammond Really, Revenu Québec exaggerating. I fully agree with the fight against tax evasion. But when the MRQ asks a couple blameless pay $ 51,000 tax allegedly owed by another taxpayer, it crosses the line. The story is…

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Tax basics for Canadian expatriates

Canadians are taxed on worldwide income; you must plan ahead to make sure you don’t pay more than you should. Determining what the tax consequences are of moving to another country, either permanently or temporarily, requires some foresight. Since Canadian residents are taxed on worldwide income; maintaining residency in Canada will require you to file…

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Compendium of types of residents and non-residents

Non-residents that have any connection (business, employment, investment, real estate) with Canada should be aware of their Canadian tax reporting requirements and liability for tax in Canada. This short article summarizes the most common situations that cause a liability for tax in Canada for non residents or or that cause a non-resident to file a Canadian tax…

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Interprovincial Taxation: The Importance Of Severing Residential Ties On Departure

The place of residence of an individual is a fundamental tax concept which determines, among other things, his liability for provincial income tax. under the Taxation Act,1 an individual is subject to tax for a given year if he resides in Quebec on December 31 of that year. the tax base then consists of the…

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Are you a non-resident of Canada ?

Becoming a Non-Resident of Canada – Liability for Canadian Income Tax Depends on Residence The determination of “residence” is not always easy. Becoming a non-resident means severing residential ties with Canada, beginning with the “dwelling place”.  Liability for Canadian income tax depends upon “residence”, a question of fact to be determined on a case by…

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